Adam Deane

Owner/Black Belt Instructor

Falling in love with martial arts movies as a kid, and being influenced by his father’s love…. Read More

Brent Lillard

Owner/Black Belt Instructor

Gracie Charlottesville’s co-Founder and Black Belt Instructor, Brent Lillard credits much of his… Read More

Shaun Kennedy

Owner/Black Belt Instructor

Shaun Kennedy discovered jiu-jitsu in Hawaii in early 2009 when his wife was deployed to Iraq… Read More

Wrestling Program

Christian Chirico

Owner/Wrestling Coach

Hailing from Fluvanna County, Virginia, Christian began wrestling at the age of 13 under his father Paul Chirico and Fluvanna County High School Head Coach, Craig Conner.  After rising through the ranks, Christian…

John Johnson

Gracie University Curriculum – Purple Belt Instructor

John Johnson is a purple belt and certified instructor for Gracie University.  He teaches our morning combatives classes (Wed/Fri 6:00am) (Tues/Thurs 12:00pm).

Ralph Fermoselle

Kids Instructor – Blue Belt

Ralph Fermoselle was awarded his blue belt under the Pedro Sauer system by Brent Lillard and Adam Deane.  Ralph teaches our evening kids fundamentals classes and manages our summer camp and after school program.